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Supply chain managers must know how to lead projects effectively, because doing so helps them lower costs, improve customer service, and reduce environmental effects. The DIRECT framework spells out the six tasks of a supply chain project leader:
  • D (Define the opportunity): The project team needs a clear goal.
  • I (Investigate the options): The project team needs to look at all of their alternatives for meeting the goal before they decide which ones to pursue.
  • R (Resolve to a course of action): The project team needs to make a decision and create a plan.
  • E (Execute the plan): The project team needs to track progress and manage risks.
  • C (Change the system): The project team needs to consider how the project will affect other parts of the supply chain.
  • T (Transition the people): The project team needs to consider how the change will affect people and make sure that those people are prepared.

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