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The beautiful thing about account-based marketing is being able to do it at scale. By scaling your marketing efforts, you can reach hundreds or thousands of contacts in your target accounts. Marketing technology (MarTech) and marketing automation platforms (MAP) have made it possible to do account-based marketing at scale. Here are five ways to scale your account-based marketing campaigns:
  • Targeting the right people: Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is full of information about your prospects, opportunities, and your client contacts. In order to do account-based marketing at scale, you have to know who to target, and this data will come from your CRM.
  • Advertising based on stage: Effectively running advertising campaigns at your target accounts involves knowing where the accounts are in the buying process. For example, you would not want to target an ad which says "schedule a demo" with an opportunity who has been sent a contract.
  • Segmenting email lists: Blasting emails to all of the contacts in your targeted accounts is a waste of time. You'll be lucky to see a 1-percent open rate. For scaling your ABM campaigns, have several email lists segmented by
    • Industry
    • Persona
    • Stage
  • Hosting an event series: To do ABM at scale, you have to hit the road and head to cities where you know your best-fit prospects and opportunities are located.
  • Sending direct mail: Direct mailing your prospects, opportunities, and customers with swag and other goodies is an easy and effective way to do account-based marketing at scale.

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