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The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) keeps track of world record catches for almost every species of fish you can think of. Do you think you just hauled in the next record catch? It could happen! If your fish beats the current record, get it registered at the nearest tackle shop. Then wait for those endorsements to come piling in.

Fish Weight Where and When It Was Caught
Bluefish 31 lb 12 oz Hatteras, North Carolina; January 30, 1972
Brown Trout 41 lb 8 oz Lake Michigan, Racine, Wisconsin; July 16, 2010
Largemouth Bass 22 lb 4 oz Montgomery Lake, Georgia; June 2, 1932
Blue Catfish 130 lb. Missouri River, Florissant, Missouri; July 20, 2010
Northern Pike 55 lb 1 oz Lake of Grefeern, Germany; October 16, 1986
Bluegill 4 lb 12 oz Ketona Lake, Alabama; April 9, 1950
Tarpon 286 lb 9 oz Rubane, Guinea-Bissau; March 20, 2003
Walleye 25 lb Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee; April 1, 1960
Weakfish 19 lb 12 oz Staten Island, New York; May 7, 2008

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