Managing Millennials For Dummies
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Whatever your opinion on Millennials, there is one fact that stands unchallenged: they are now the largest generation in the work force. Even though they make up such a huge percentage of the workplace, Millennials are still stumping experienced managers on the best way to lead and manage them.

Whether you work with a 35-year-old or 25-year-old Millennial, you are bound to be grappling with questions like: What is the best way to motivate them? How do I address their desire for flexibility and work-life integration? Are Millennials as obsessed with technology as they're portrayed to be? Do they really have the attention span of a goldfish? How can I get them to stay?

If any of these sound familiar, we hope this Cheat Sheet will help you pass Millennial Management 101 (and even 401) with flying colors. Here you'll find snippets of crucial information to help you step up your Millennial managing game.

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