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Fundraising is a never-ending task for most nonprofit organizations. Although you may raise money with various campaigns for different programs within your agency, your overarching fundraising strategy requires you to

  • Write your mission statement — make it clear and memorable.

  • Develop a case statement that reflects who you are and what you do.

  • Develop a fundraising plan.

  • Choose dynamic leaders for your fundraising campaigns.

  • Involve your board in various aspects of your fundraising strategy.

  • Continually build, slice, and dice your donor list.

  • Build an online audience with social media.

  • Use all communication avenues — in person, by phone, through social media, the Web, e-mail, newsletters, and print — to connect with your donors.

  • Assess your effectiveness in all campaigns and do more of what works — and less of what doesn’t.

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John Mutz is a fundraising expert and speaker who has an extensive array of fundraising credits, including former chairman of the United Way Campaign of Central Indiana and former president of one of the nation's largest private foundations. Katherine Murray is a writer and small-business owner who consults with small and struggling nonprofits. She is the author of more than 40 books, including Green Home Computing For Dummies.

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