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Reading up on financial reports needs to become a daily routine for anyone who invests in the stock market. When companies release their financial reports, that can mean a major jump up or down in a stock's price. Finding a few good sources on the Internet to help with a quick review of the key news of the day can go a long way toward keeping you aware of what's going on with your portfolio.

Other sources mentioned here help you dig deeper into the numbers when you want to research particular stocks you're considering buying or selling for your portfolio.

Here are few good places to start your financial report reading routine:

Bloomberg: You can read about key financial news or watch on streaming videos. This resource is great for a quick overview of the financial news of the day and to see which companies are making the news that day.

CNN Money: At CNN Money, you can find stories from CNN, Money Magazine, and Fortune. It's a good stop to get the big news from three key financial news sources.

Investors Business Daily: Investors Business Daily offers readers the most in-depth coverage of the stock market from the prospective of individual companies. You also get info on key industry trends.

MarketWatch: MarketWatch enables you to find stories from the Wall Street Journal and Barron's. In addition to financial news, it's a good source for personal finance stories.

NASDAQ: The NASDAQ news website is an excellent free resource for information on companies making the news, as well as industry trends. It's a good quick stop in the morning to see which companies or industries will likely drive the financial news each day.

SEC Edgar: Here you find financial reports filed with the SEC for all companies at the Security and Exchange Commission's Edgar website. You also find tutorials on how to use this valuable resource.

Yahoo! Earnings Calendar: You can quickly find out which U.S. companies are filing annual reports each day at the Yahoo! U.S. Earnings Calendar.

Wall Street Journal: The best newspaper for business news in the U.S. is the Wall Street Journal. If you plan to keep up-to-date on the daily business news, this is one source you need to check out each day.

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