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Affirmations are statements you make to yourself — declarations of what you wish to be. Affirmations have been used for many centuries, such as in the form of mantras or prayers, mainly because they tend to work. Of course, it is important that you present your affirmations with the right words.

Positive affirmations allow you to consciously activate and elevate principles such as love, selfless service, creative expression, truth, generosity, prosperity, faith, surrender, and divine guidance in your life.

Even if you learn about affirmations from spiritual teachers or texts, you should eventually be able to create your own personalized affirmations as you go through life. Your own guiding force knows the specific combination of what you need within your specific circumstances, and affirmations can help you to open up to its guidance.

Before stepping into an event, you may want to say an affirmation or prayer that the event will be positive, successful, and wonderful. You can even affirm a positive experience from going to the grocery store, blessing the event so that you’ll meet whatever people will be mutually beneficial to meet.

Several elements affect the potency of your affirmations:

  • Your affirmations should be carefully composed.

    Be sure your affirmations are positive and focused on a vision of what you desire instead of on what you want to get rid of. Remember that whatever you think about, you empower. The best way to speak an affirmation is to declare your vision to already be true.

  • Your affirmations should be spoken with one-pointed intention and faith.

    If you just toss out one desire here and another there, forgetting about earlier requests as you continually make new affirmations and resolutions, you’re doing two things:

    • Dissipating your power by fragmenting the rays of your attention in conflicting directions.

    • Planting too many seeds without enough consistent focus of energy to nourish any one intention so that it can grow and fully blossom.

  • Your affirmations should be in harmony with universal laws.

    If your desires and declarations are contrary to the universal laws, they won’t be truly sincere. You may think you want the declarations to come true, but if your deep inner being knows these desires aren’t in harmony with the highest universal good — which is also your highest good — then you won’t have the full force and confidence of your whole self behind the affirmation.

How affirmations affect your mind

Affirmations work when your super-powerful subconscious mind hears your words and programs your experience and behavior to reflect and give life to them. Your subconscious mind is so powerful that some of the magic ascribed throughout history to wizards, psychics, gods, and goddesses can be explained as powers of the subconscious mind.

Affirmations also work on a mundane level. Believing that you’re destined to be wealthy inspires you to act with a greater assurance and to make decisions based on a sense of empowerment and security rather than fear or neediness. Approaching life with positive and confident qualities would tend to bring about more favorable and prosperous circumstances.

If you affirm that you will succeed in getting a particular job and convince yourself that this job is already yours, then you’ll walk into the interview free from the baggage of doubt, fear, and needy desire, none of which are good friends to take with you into a job interview.

If you can walk into the room feeling secure and steady, you’ll be much more likely to make a good impression and get the job.

If, on the other hand, you walk into a job interview after using affirmations to set yourself in the certainty that you’re absolutely qualified and that the job is already yours, this confidence would do much to bring your subconscious communications in harmony with your outer presentation.

Affirmations are more than just repeated phrases; they’re contemplations, visualizations, and emotion-based vehicles that can open and access the magical power of your own imagination. Even beyond the outer words you use, what you think, feel, and desire in your heart is what most determines your life.

How affirmations transform the world

Affirmations not only affect your thoughts, actions, and attitudes, but they also affect the world in metaphysical ways. You’re not ultimately separate from the world around you. Everyone and everything in this world is made from the same divine universal Consciousness and is living, as it were, in the Mind of God.

Your thoughts are also expressions of that universal Consciousness and are therefore more powerful than you would probably like to think they are!

This truly is a magical world, and the more you can open to the possibility of this magic, the more you’re able to experience it. Understand that whatever words you speak with a strong focus and intention do have an effect on the world around you.

New Year’s resolutions have long been a way to tap into the power of affirmations to create new, more positive karmas. Can you remember the resolutions you’ve made in years gone by? Consider writing them down so that you can read and remember your goals as you move forward into new phases and new goals.

Grasping the power of your thoughts and words requires that you accept a new level of responsibility, just as you’ve had to do while growing through various stages of personal growth and development throughout your life.

Many an affirmation is said in jest! Remember that everything and anything you say can be an affirmation, especially as your spiritual power becomes stronger and more powerful.

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