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You don’t need fancy equipment, a special room, or lots of free time to give your baby a great massage. Let’s face it. Moms are busy people. Here are just a few ideas for good times to massage your baby:

  • Work massage into your daily routine:

    • Give a massage before or after your baby’s nap.

    • Give a massage before or after your baby’s bath.

    • Take your baby into the bathtub with you and massage him while you bathe.

    • Massage your baby on the changing table after a diaper change.

    • Offer a massage while you’re talking on the phone or watching TV.

    • Massage your baby while you are wearing her in a sling.

  • Give your baby a massage whenever you have some extra time — even a few minutes — on your hands:

    • Offer a quick massage while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

    • Massage your baby when you go on a picnic.

    • Calm your baby down at the doctor’s office by using massage techniques.

    • Keep your baby happy when you fly on an airplane by using massage.

    • Pass the time during a long car ride by massaging your baby in his car seat (while someone else is driving, of course!).

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