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The following is a partial list of the many things you can do to prevent diabetes. Don’t try to do everything at once. Get used to one or two changes. Then add a couple more and so forth. The results will be both gratifying and very healthy.

  • Serve your meal on a small plate. You can actually trick yourself into thinking that it’s a lot more food because the plate is so full.

  • Make the plate so that half of it is fruits and vegetables, a quarter is grains, and a quarter is protein. This food plus a glass of low-fat or skim milk is the right ratio of the different foods you eat.

  • If you can’t get fresh fruits and vegetables, use frozen fruits and vegetables. Make sure the salt content is low. Read the package.

  • Always take the stairs when you have a choice of stairs or escalator. You burn some calories and make yourself a lot fitter than if you take the escalator. Park some distance from the restaurant instead of driving around to find the nearest space.

  • Get a workout video and do the workout daily. Not only will you strengthen your muscles and bones but you also will improve your balance and enhance your self-esteem.

  • Reduce the amount of oil and butter in your cooking and add more spices to get some great new low-calorie tastes. Use foods that are tasty but don’t add calories like lemon juice.

  • Choose a salad rather than fries or chips. And drink water rather than soda, which is more thirst quenching and has no calories instead of 180 or more. Don’t replace the regular soda with diet soda because diet soda has been shown to change your intestinal bacteria in a way that isn’t good for diabetes.

  • Choose whole grains. Examples include whole-grain bread, brown rice, whole-grain cereal, and quinoa. These foods have fiber, which has been shown to prevent diabetes.

  • Go shopping after eating a healthy snack. Examples include an apple and a glass of low-fat milk, half an avocado with cottage cheese, or two or three crackers with hummus. Eating first helps you to avoid picking up foods that don’t fit your diabetes.

  • Carry a healthy snack. Try a handful of nuts and eat it when you’re tempted to go into the ice cream or candy store.

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