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Note: This is not a real intelligence or cognitive test. It's designed to be a "fun" introduction to testing and what it might be like to take one. Please enjoy — and take with a pound of salt.

Mock Intelligence Test
# Item Answer
1 How many circles are below?

2 If you have 3 oranges and give one away, how many do you have left?
3 Last week I ate 3 pieces of pizza for lunch Monday and Friday. How many pieces of pizza did I eat all together?
4 Read the following sequences of letters and numbers. They are "mixed up" and out of order. After reading them, cover the paper and on a separate piece of paper write them in the correct order, starting with the numbers, then the letters in order (for example, 1, 2, 3, A, B, C).

T 4
U 9 2
X 4 M 1
3 K 3 1 E 7
5 Is the sun hot or cold?
6 How many hours are in a day?
7 Who was Adolf Hitler?
8 What country is Karachi in?
9 Give the definition of shoe.
10 Give the definition of car.
11 Give the definition of lawyer.
12 Give the definition of sanction.
13 In what way are a pancake and an egg alike?
14 In what way are a crying baby and alarm clock alike?
15 Which of the following pieces is the missing piece from the sequence below?

A X 8 0 4

1 A 2 B 3 C ___ D
16 Which of the following pieces is the missing piece from the sequence below?

6 O 9 E D 11

2 7 5 10 8 13 ___
17 What is the thing you wear on your foot under your shoe?
18 This is wet and falls from the sky.
19 This person arrests people for committing crimes.
20 Reading the following story. Cover it up and on a separate piece of paper write down everything you can about it:
Fred woke up late for work. He forgot to set his alarm. He got out of bed, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, got in his car and drove off. When he got to work Fred realized he forgot to get dressed, he was still in his pajamas.
Answers to Mock Intelligence Test
# Answer Score (0 / 1)
1 5
2 2
3 6
4 U T
2 9 U
1 4 M X
1 3 3 7 E K
5 Hot
6 24
7 Any of the following: Nazi; perpetrated the holocaust; leader of Nazi Germany
8 Pakistan
9 An article of clothing you wear on your feet, usually with a hard sole
10 A machine with wheels that one drives
11 A professional who conducts lawsuits and/or practices law for a living
12 A formal decree
13 Breakfast; food
14 Wake you up
15 4
16 11
17 Sock
18 Rain
19 Police officer
20 One point for each of the following:

Fred, woke up late, alarm, out of bed, teeth, ate, drove to work, pajamas
Interpreting Your Score
Score Category of Intelligence
30 Quit school, you know it all
25–29 Not boring at parties
15–24 2nd place on "Smarter than a 5th Grader"
10–14 Watch some Discovery Channel
5–9 I like pie
0–4 Wake up

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