Calculus: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies (+ Free Online Practice)
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Here are ten calculus derivative problems to quiz yourself with. If you’re stumped by any of them, full explanations of the solution techniques can be found in Calculus Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition, or Calculus For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

  1. image0.png
  2. image1.png
  3. image2.png
  4. image3.png
  5. image4.png
  6. image5.png
  7. image6.png
  8. image7.png
  9. image8.png
  10. image9.png

Here are the answers to the quick differentiation problems:

  1. image10.png
  2. image11.png
  3. image12.png
  4. 0

  5. image13.png
  6. image14.png
  7. image15.png
  8. image16.png
  9. image17.png
  10. image18.png

    Note that for this quotient rule answer, the answer begins with the derivative of the first thing you read in the question, namely, the


    on the top of the fraction. This is the easiest way to remember the quotient rule.

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