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Being able to greet people in Hebrew and say simple phrases helps you feel comfortable in the language and leads to conversations through which you can further expand your Hebrew proficiency. The following table offers basic words and phrases used when meeting and greeting people:

Word/Phrase Hebrew (pronunciation) Word/Phrase Hebrew (pronunciation) Word/Phrase Hebrew (pronunciation)
good morning Boker Tov (boh-kehr tohv) hello, good-bye, peace Shalom (shah-lohm) What’s your name? (MS) Eich Korim Lecha? (eich koh-reem leh-chah)
good afternoon) Tzohorayim Tovim (tzoh-hoh-rah-yeem toh-veem) please and you’re welcome Bevakasha (beh-vah-kah-shah) What’s your name? (FS) Eich Korim Lach? (eich koh-reem lach)
good night Lilah Tov (lye-lah tohv) excuse me Slicha (slee-chah) How are you? (MS) Mah Shlomcha? (mah shlohm-chah)
good Sabbath Shabbat Shalom (shah-baht shah-lohm) thanks Todah (toh-dah) How are you? (FS) Mah Shlomech?(mah shloh-mech)
a good week Shavua Tov (shah-voo-ah tohv) see you soon Lehitraot (leh-heet-rah-oht)

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