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If you’re using American Sign Language (ASL) to describe body parts, you may only need to point to the part of the body. Most of the signs in the following tables are signed with a double motion; for example, for ear, tug twice on your earlobe.

This table presents the signs for various parts of the head.


You can describe the joints of your body (maybe if you've developed "tennis elbow") by using the signs in this table.


To discuss the major parts of your body, you can use the signs in this table.


You can use the signs in the preceding tables to convey anything about your body, including what doesn't feel quite right. These sentences will help you get all the sympathy your hands can hold:

  • English: My throat is red.

    Sign: MY THROAT — RED

  • English: My neck is stiff.

    Sign: MY NECK — STIFF


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