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A day at the zoo can be fantastic fun for all involved. A few exotic animal signs can keep your kids (and others) entertained throughout the whole zoo trip. Here are the signs for a few common zoo animals:

  • Monkey: Place the fingertips of both hands at your waist and move your fingertips up to your armpits; repeat this motion several times.

  • Lion: Rest your hand on top of your head with your fingertips facing forward at your forehead, then pull your hand back and down to the back of your neck. (Your hand is representing a lion’s mane as you make this sign.)

  • Tiger: Loosely lace your fingers together, palms facing your body, at your nose. Pull your hands apart, toward your ears.

  • Elephant: Place the back of your hand at your nose and mouth area, then move your hand out and up, like you’re outlining an elephant’s trunk.

  • Alligator: Curve your fingers on both hands, place them together at the fingertips, and open and close your hands several times.


    By the way, you can use the same sign for ALLIGATOR and CROCODILE.

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