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SolidWorks For Dummies Cheat Sheet

SolidWorks is CAD software that can help you create precise 3D technical graphics. To build and enhance your 3D technical designs using SolidWorks, make sure you’re familiar with the most commonly used dialog boxes, functions, CommandManager groups, and SolidWorks keyboard shortcuts.

Popular SolidWorks 2008 Dialog Boxes

Getting around in SolidWorks 2008 means communicating with the computer exactly what commands need to be carried out. The following chart shows the most-used dialog boxes in SolidWorks 2008:


Top Ten SolidWorks 2008 Functions

Creating and building designs efficiently in SolidWorks 2008 means getting to know the functions most commonly used. This quick guide shows the most common SolidWorks functions and their purposes:


SolidWorks 2008 CommandManager Groups

SolidWorks 2008 CommandManager is an efficient way to work because it displays commands specific to the tasks at hand. Depending on the document you’re working on, CommandManager displays default tools specific to that file. This list shows the principal SolidWorks CommandManager groups:


SolidWorks Keyboard Shortcuts

Try these keyboard shortcuts to easily perform some common commands and work your way smoothly through SolidWorks 2008. Check out this list of shortcut keyboard combinations in SolidWorks: