Explore Your Project in Xcode - dummies

By Neal Goldstein, Dave Wilson

To develop an iOS app, you have to work within the context of an Xcode project, very much like the one shown in this figure. This is, in effect, Command Central for developing your app; it displays and organizes your projects, source files, and the other resources needed to build your apps.


If the project isn’t open, go ahead and open it in Xcode by tracking down the project file — on the Desktop, in a folder, wherever — and double-clicking it. When your project is launched in Xcode, the Navigator area appears on the left side of the Workspace window.

When using the Master-Detail Application template — you did select the Master-Detail Application template when you created your project, right? — the following options are selected for you by default:

  • The Utility and Debug areas are hidden.

  • The Navigator area is shown, with the Project navigator selected by default in the Navigator selector.

  • The project (RoadTrip, in this case) is selected in the Project navigator.

And as a result, the Project editor displays the RoadTrip project information in the Standard editor.

Long story short, when you launch your RoadTrip project in Xcode, what you see in the editor is the Project editor displaying the RoadTrip project.