Managing Drupal Garden Site Users - dummies

Managing Drupal Garden Site Users

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

The People page in Drupal Gardens lets you control users, just as you would in a regular Drupal installation. You can find users, block and unblock, delete, and assign roles. Click the People link to manage users. The List tab helps you locate existing users, and the Permissions tab allows you to create roles and manage user permissions.

After your site is up and running, you might want to invite users to join your site. To send an invitation, follow these steps:

  1. Click People.

  2. Make sure the List tab is selected, and then click Invite People.

    This opens the Invite People form.

  3. In the Enter E-Mail Addresses for People You Would Like to Invite text box, type in e-mail addresses, separated by commas.

  4. (Optional) Customize the message that you will be sending by clicking View/Edit Invitation Message; edit the text in the text box as desired.

    The default message is shown in the following illustration.

  5. Click the Send Invitations button.