Two Types of LSAT Analytical Reasoning Questions - dummies

Two Types of LSAT Analytical Reasoning Questions

By Mark Zegarelli

Part of LSAT Logic Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Logic game questions in the Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT typically fall into two categories. The questions may ask you something about a logic game as it was initially presented, or the questions may provide an extra clue and ask you what happens if the condition of that extra clue is met. Here’s how the question types compare:

  • Questions without an extra clue:

    • Don’t start with the word if

    • Don’t require a separate question chart; you can use the game board you set up for the whole game

    • Have conclusions that pertain to the entire game (so any conclusions you reach may help you answer other questions)

  • Questions with an extra clue:

    • Start with the word if

    • Require a question chart, which shows what happens to the game board if you apply the extra clue

    • Have conclusions that pertain only to this question