Test-Taking Tips for the GED - dummies

Test-Taking Tips for the GED

Part of The Canadian GED For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can increase your General Education Development (GED) test score by practicing – and mastering – a few smart test-taking strategies. Follow these GED tips and you’ll feel more confident at test-time.

  • Watch the clock: when the test begins, calculate the time you’ll have to answer each question. In general, you will need 45 minutes for the essay question and 1.5 minutes for all other questions. Practice this technique while doing sample tests. The more you practice timed tests, the easier managing timed tests becomes.

  • Use intelligent guessing: always answer a question, even if you guess, because there are no penalties for wrong answers. When two answers seem very close, consider both carefully (they can’t both be right, but they could both be wrong); look for opposite answers in the hopes that you can eliminate one; and trust your instincts. Ask yourself what the question is really asking; find the best answer; and quickly verify that it answers the question.

  • Leave time for review: leave time so that you can review the difficult questions at the end and check that your answers are displayed properly. Be careful not to use this time to start second guessing your answers.

  • Keep your head in the game: take time to relax before the test; know the rules of the room before you begin; keep your eyes on your own paper; and stay calm.