Reviewing and Rewriting Your Exam Study Notes - dummies

Reviewing and Rewriting Your Exam Study Notes

Part of Passing Exams For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

When you’re preparing for an exam you need to review your course material and rewrite your study notes. It’s good to remember the Five Rs when you’re in review mode:

  • Release your potential — harness your performance mindset.

  • Relax into alpha state (so that your brain is more receptive to information).

  • Review and rewrite your notes.

  • Remember content using pictures and patterns.

  • Rehearse, for recall and performance during the exam.

You can extract words from notes, documents and books, and use mind mapping to visually outline your topic. You can also organize related information using concept maps and essay-route maps. Here are some keys to reviewing and rewriting your study notes:

  • Set your intent and purpose before each review session.

  • Decide what information to review and what to leave.

  • Use a reading technique to suit the task.

  • Extract key words from large chunks of information.

  • Condense your notes into visual formats.