Developing A Winning Real Estate Sales Strategy - dummies

By Terri M. Cooper, Dirk Zeller

Have you heard of John McGrath’s brilliant book You, Inc.? John believes that developing a winning strategy for sales — and for life — is a result of doing whatever it takes to maximise your potential.

For real estate sales agents, this could mean anything from smartening your appearance to refining your ‘tools of trade’, such as your car. Building trust with potential clients takes consistent effort but the results are well worthwhile.

Here are some tips for developing a winning sales strategy in the real estate industry:

  • Think of yourself as your own business. There is no ceiling on your income. Your success (or your failure) is totally in your hands. Start with a business plan and a financial plan. Determine your goals, financial and otherwise, and then set definite action steps and a time frame to reach these goals. Having strong goals that you’re passionate about will ensure you keep doing whatever it takes to be a winner!

  • Build your network. Shop at your local shops, and support your local schools and sporting clubs. Volunteer your time in the community — become known. Wear your agent’s name badge and distribute your business cards everywhere. Build strong business and personal networks, reward all referrals, and soon you will be the ‘go-to’ agent for your marketplace.

  • Become the area expert. Choose a farm area — no more than 1,000 homes — and get to know the area intimately. Drive the streets at least once a week, noting any activity such as: for sale and sold signs, moving trucks, skip bins, new landscaping, renovations and extensions.

    Regularly be in touch with the owners (or renters) in your ‘patch’. Distribute interesting newsletters with up-to-date market information, vouchers from local businesses. Anything and everything that will guarantee your newsletter will be opened.

  • Keep training — never stop learning your craft. Workshops, seminars and conferences should be an integral part of your budget. DVDs, CDs, books, webinars, YouTube videos — all of these resources are readily available and affordable, so there’s no excuse for a serious agent not to avail themselves of these opportunities to become more skilled and knowledgeable each day.

  • Create activity plans for contacting and keeping in touch with your buyers and sellers (past, present and future). These contacts are gold nuggets, and it’s up to you to mine this goldfield.

  • Schedule time off. Burn out is common in real estate. Some clients will expect you to be available 24/7, so you must ensure that this isn’t the case. Diarise your time with friends and family to recharge the batteries regularly. You’ll accomplish even more when you’re not tired and stressed.

  • Find a mentor or a coach. What you spend on this will come back a hundred fold. They will help you set your path, keep you accountable, brainstorm new strategies, warn you when you’re deviating from your goals and, most importantly, a good coach will walk beside you when challenges and disappointments come and also celebrate with you on the victories.

Keeping these points in mind will help you avoid the pitfalls of real estate sales and develop winning attitudes and strategies for your sales success!