Real Estate License Exams For Dummies
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Prepare for your real estate license exam by studying the precise meanings of words used for property that's conveyed or transferred voluntarily — through a number of means. Property can also be lost involuntarily through the forces of nature, law, or the government. And finally — in fact, very finally — property is usually transferred after you die.

Become familiar with these real estate words for giving up and losing property:
  • Dedication: When you dedicate property, you essentially give it up voluntarily to the government. An example is a developer giving up streets in a subdivision.

  • Public grant: A public grant of land is just the opposite of dedication; the government actually is giving property to private individuals.

  • Adverse possession: When someone uses your property for a long period of time, you may end up losing the property or having your rights to the property restricted.

  • Avulsion: Avulsion is the sudden loss of land by an act of nature like a landslide.

  • Erosion: A little like avulsion, erosion is the gradual loss of land by an act of nature, like property lost along the bank of a river.

  • Partition: A partition is a legal proceeding to divide property owned by two or more people.

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