9 Websites for Real Estate Agents - dummies

By Dirk Zeller

Real estate agents have numerous website resources available to them —reliable estimates have it that some half a billion websites now exist in the world. With so many websites to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the list, but here are nine helpful websites you’ll find useful in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Champions

Real Estate Champions is a real estate training and coaching company. It’s full of tools, tips, articles, and scripts that help you advance your performance to the highest level.

Sign on frequently, as it constantly adds new material, techniques, and guidance to help you achieve your dreams in life through your career as an agent. While at the site, sign up for the free newsletter, Coaches Corner, to receive weekly motivation, coaching, training, and mentoring. Don’t miss the video section, which provides ongoing video training and targets sales skills, sales strategy, and techniques for increasing your income.


Realtor.org is the official membership site for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the voice for real estate. The site is a wealth of information for anyone interested in real estate. It contains the latest information on housing sales and prices, as well as forecasts for the residential and commercial real estate markets prepared by NAR’s economists. The news section summarizes major trends and issues in real estate. In addition, the online RealtorMag contains how-to information for consumers and real estate professionals.

Another key area to access is the research section of the site. NAR does some of the best research in real estate. It produces an annual “Home Buyers and Sellers Profile” that shows the trends of what buyers and sellers want and expect from real estate agents, what consumers want in terms of home features, how they shop for homes and real estate agents, and a host of other key information. The report is truly a treasure trove, with more than 120 pages each year of charts, graphs, and examples. Go to Realtor.org now and grab a copy.

Inman News

Inman News is the nation’s leading independent real estate news service. It’s the content provider to more than 250 U.S. newspapers and more than 50,000 websites, reaching millions of consumers each day through clients and partners such as The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, The Denver Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, CBS MarketWatch, and many more.

The Inman site offers free daily real estate news updates, featured home and newsmaker videos, and a blog where industry leaders sound off on current issues. It also offers information-based products and services for real estate professionals and consumers, and it links you to information on Inman’s technology conferences for the real estate industry.

Realty Times

Realty Times is the premier news and advice website for real estate consumers and industry professionals. It offers unique market-conditions reports from industry experts that tell consumers which way the wind blows in any local real estate market.

The site also provides schedules and information for Realty Times TV, the first news-based home buying show in the nation, broadcasting weekends on national TV. Segments include Realty Times Outlook, Mortgage Moment, Viewer Questions, and Market Conditions Overview, as well as video tours of 50 to 70 homes across the U.S. and Canada.

Visit the site regularly to keep your finger on the pulse of the real estate marketplace and to tap into a large volume of industry information that will help you build a successful career in the real estate business.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Its real estate staff monitors the real estate market, mortgage market, and housing in general in a balanced, authoritative manner.

Although NAR sometimes reports about the housing marketplace like a cheerleader during the big game, The Wall Street Journal leaves the pompoms on the sidelines.

The articles are not only informative but also useful in terms of your marketing strategy. By being well read, you can convey your expertise to prospects and clients. The Wall Street Journal gives you that edge.

The articles can be strategically used to illustrate actions buyers and sellers should consider . . . now a third party with high credibility is delivering the message. This can increase the power of your message, the response rate, and the information flow to prospects and clients.

Real Estate CyberSpace Society

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society is loaded with features for real estate pros. Click on the “Top 25 E-Tools” button to access one of the site’s most popular sections, where all tools are free to any visitor. This site also links you to Real Estate CyberSpace Radio, where you can listen to briefings (backed by handout summaries) from top real estate trainers and agents.

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society produces the annual National Real Estate CyberConvention and Exposition, which attracts more than 40,000 attendees each year. Society membership information is available on the site’s home page and is worth your serious consideration.

Your company’s website

The number of agents who lack awareness that education tools exist for international real estate brands is astounding. Better than 90 percent of agents don’t know about or how to use the resources and tools offered by their companies.

When you join a real estate company, make it a deliberate habit to spend an hour each week for six months researching, learning, and testing out what is offered. Most international brands, such as Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Century 21, Keller Williams, Prudential, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, all have a vast intranet for their agents. You’ll find training options and tools for your blog, your Facebook page, and your own website. You’ll find marketing strategies and resources for your business, such as e-mail templates, letters, postcards, door hangers, and newsletters (both online and offline). You’ll also find marketing tools to use with your new listings, such as property brochures, ad copy, and “just listed” and “just sold” marketing pieces.

Most brands also create seasonal marketing tools, from spring selling messages to holiday greeting messages.

The real estate business is challenging enough without having to create all of your own marketing pieces and strategies from scratch. Do yourself a favor and find out what your company provides to you for free that you can just cut, paste, and send.


RISMedia publishes Real Estate Magazine in print and online. Chock full of industry news, as well as tips and techniques to improve your business, its professional writers and contributors are the who’s who of the real estate industry.

For more than 25 years, it has produced its Power Broker Survey. The magazine surveys the nation’s top brokers on business trends, marketplace trends, and what’s on the horizon. It also convinces key executives in these powerful companies to share their solutions to problems, both immediate and future. It’s like having a master class with all the CEOs of the top real estate companies.


HousingWire gives you another key source to position yourself as a real estate expert. As an agent, you must be well read on the economy and how it relates to the real estate marketplace. You need to know the trends of the marketplace and the balance between buyer and seller demands. HousingWire covers the broad range of news about the real estate market, mortgage market, financial industry, and economy.

The truth is that information is a good agent’s edge. To be a great agent, you need to be able to use that information to differentiate yourself from other agents, getting prospects to understand how your vast knowledge will benefit them.