Preparing for Praxis Core Math - dummies

By Carla C. Kirkland, Chan Cleveland

Part of 1,001 Praxis Core Practice Questions For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Math questions on the Praxis Core exam may be multiple choice, fill-in, or select all that apply. You need to be prepared to answer questions in these subject areas:

  • Number and quantity, including topics such as basic operations, number form conversions, order of operations, number order, sequences, word problems, and measurement
  • Algebra, which includes combining like terms, using given variable values, solving equations and inequalities, and solving algebraic word problems
  • Geometry, which covers basic geometric building blocks, angles, polygons and circles, three-dimensional figures, and the coordinate plane
  • Statistics and probability, involving representations of data, central tendencies, probability calculations, and scientific notation

When working through Praxis Core math problems, watch out for these common mistakes:

  • Overlooking part of a rule
  • Confusing one rule with another
  • Misusing the four-function online calculator
  • Confusing one mathematical term with another
  • Using the incorrect expression to represent what’s described
  • Stopping before answering the final question in a multi-step problem