What to Bring to the PHR/SPHR Testing Facility - dummies

What to Bring to the PHR/SPHR Testing Facility

By Sandra M. Reed

Prometric is meticulous for security on exam day to ensure the integrity of the PHR/SPHR exams aren’t breached and that you are who you say you are on exam day. Make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for security procedures.

You must present an unexpired government-issued ID when registering, when entering the test room, and when returning from a break. Acceptable ID include a valid

  • Driver’s license or state ID card

  • Military identification card

  • Passport

  • National identification card

Make sure the identification you use matches the name on your application exactly, including the use of middle initials or hyphenated names. The two items shouldn’t have any discrepancies. Furthermore, your primary ID must have your photo and signature. If you present an ID without either, you’ll need a backup form of ID that has the missing element. Keep in mind that the backup ID must match your name on the application exactly as well. You won’t be permitted to test if they don’t match.

If you aren’t sure what forms of ID will be accepted at your test center or just want to double-check, don’t wait until exam day. Call your testing facility or contact HRCI toll free at 866-898-4724 to verify that your ID will be accepted. You want to avoid any potential issues before the morning of test day.