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Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers on the GRE Verbal Test — Practice Question

By Ron Woldoff, Joseph Kraynak

On the GRE Verbal test, some of the multiple-choice questions will have more than one correct answer. For these questions, you will be asked to look over the answer choices and select all the ones that you think are correct.

In the following practice question, you are asked to read the supplied passage, and then choose all the correct answers for the multiple-choice question that follows.

Practice question

In 1848, the Great Mahele (land division) instituted, for the first time in Hawaii, the right of individuals to own land. This was the beginning of the end for Hawaiian Sovereignty. While foreigners started buying up all the land, Hawaiians, unaccustomed to the idea of private land ownership, did not. In 1893, after the Hawaiian Monarchy was overthrown and Queen Liliuokalani was taken prisoner, the new government instituted a democracy in which only land owners had the right to vote. With no land and no voting rights, native Hawaiians had little power to restore Hawaiian Sovereignty.

For the question, consider each answer choice separately and select all answer choices that are correct.

  1. Which of the following contributed to the end of Hawaiian Sovereignty?

    A. Restricting the right to vote only to landowners

    B. The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy

    C. Private land ownership

Answer and explanation

  1. A, B, C

    According to the passage, all three events contributed to Hawaii’s loss of sovereignty.