Tips for Retaining Info for the EMT Exam - dummies

Tips for Retaining Info for the EMT Exam

By Arthur Hsieh

Everyone learns differently and at different rates. There are a few ways to retain the information you learn for the NREMT exam and improve comprehension. Here are a few tips that have helped other students; consider trying a couple to see whether they help you:

  • Use flashcards: During your studies, you may come across a fact or concept that you have difficulty remembering or understanding. On one side of an index card, write the name of the point you want to remember; then, write down the related information on the other side of the card.

    For example, you might write “Rule of Nines” on one side and the percentage of body surface area for each area of the body on the other side. Flashcards are great in that you can pull them out anytime and use them to quiz yourself.

    Check out digital flashcards to help you prep for the EMT exam at; see the Introduction for details on accessing them.

  • Think aloud: If some concepts are difficult for you to remember, record yourself reading aloud the relevant section of the textbook. Although hearing your own voice may feel strange, listening to the explanation may help you retain the information better if you’re an auditory learner. If that’s too weird, just repeat a sentence or two aloud several times in a row.

  • Surf the web: Sometimes the explanations provided in your textbook don’t work well for you. Search key terms from the paragraph using your favorite Internet browser to see whether someone else does a better job explaining the concept.

If you’re reading this part before you begin your EMT course, try these study habits while you’re in class. This way, you’ll build up good study habits and tricks all during the course.