4 Ways to Fine-Tune Specific ASVAB Study Areas - dummies

4 Ways to Fine-Tune Specific ASVAB Study Areas

By Rod Powers

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After you’ve identified which ASVAB subjects you’re the weakest in, concentrate on boosting your abilities in those areas to improve your overall success on the exam. These tips can point you in the right direction as you study:

  • Check out library books about the specific subject you’re struggling with, such as human anatomy or beginner’s electronics.

  • Review reliable online sources related to ASVAB subjects.

  • Ask someone in your community to tutor you. For example, get your Uncle Joe to show you the parts under the hood of his prized Camaro.

  • Study with a buddy. Saying things out loud can help with memorization. Not to mention, studying with someone else makes you more accountable and can even make learning fun.