How to Pass a Soccer Ball - dummies

By Michael Lewis, United States Soccer Federation, Inc.

Soccer is a team sport, and as such, players must work together to achieve their goal: scoring goals. One way players work together is by passing the ball to each other. There are many types of passes in soccer; check out this video to understand how to make a forward pass.


The forward pass, also known as a push pass, moves the ball toward the goal over short and medium distances. However, the forward pass can be a risky play. The length of the pass, the spot from where you attempt it, and the skills of the passer and receiver can all increase your chances of being intercepted.

You want to try to move the ball forward most of the time, whether out of the defensive zone or into the attacking zone.

When making a push pass, the inside of your kicking foot must remain square — parallel — to the target as the toes of your kicking foot are slightly higher than the heels and the ankle remains locked. Your support foot should be pointed at the target because it’s on the same plane as the ball, which must be struck through the middle or just above it.