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How to Listen to an American Football Game on the Radio

Every NFL team and most major college American football teams have a local radio station that owns the rights to the teams’ broadcasts. And because of the popularity of sports talk radio, many fans want to tune in to their favorite broadcasters.

Perhaps the best thing about listening to the radio is the home-team announcers:

  • You get their insights into what strategy your team plans to use.

  • These announcers know the players and can immediately tell you which player has the ball and who made the tackle.

  • They also have access to the injury reports, so you can receive player updates throughout the broadcast.

  • You also hear important statistics — such as how many total yards and first downs each team has collected — faster than most scoreboards can provide them.

Fans often listen to a radio in a ballpark while watching a game. Although the fans watch the action in person, they may want to hear the radio announcer describe it.

You can listen to the pro football reports on the radio in most NFL cities. If the talk radio show includes a lot of conversations about your team and regular player interviews, the program is probably worth listening to. Some talk radio hosts can be more insightful than some reporters; they do their homework on the team.