Checks to Make before You Launch Your Power Boat - dummies

Checks to Make before You Launch Your Power Boat

By Randy Vance

Part of Power Boating For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you launch your power boat, it pays to run through a short checklist to make sure that your boat is ready for the water and ready to disengage from its trailer. Doing the checks in the following list can save you from making embarrassing, and potentially harmful, mistakes:

  • Is the bilge plug in?

  • Have you disconnected and removed the transom straps, and locked them in your tow vehicle?

  • Have your loosened the bow winch just enough so that the strap has a few inches of slack?

  • Are fenders and docklines attached?

  • Is all last-minute gear loaded?

  • Is the battery switch on (if you have one)?

  • Have you double-checked the battery charge level? (Turn on the key just long enough to hear the engine fire, and then quickly turn it off.)

  • Is the engine trailering support bracket disengaged?