Office Live: Sharing Documents in Business Contact Manager - dummies

Office Live: Sharing Documents in Business Contact Manager

By Karen S. Fredricks

Business Contact Manager and Office Live make it easy to share documents with users in other locations. You can either upload a bunch of documents directly to the Business Documents list, or you can create folders and upload documents directly into each folder.

Here’s what you need to know to add items to a Business Contact Manager list:

1. Click Business Contact Manager from the Office Live Home page Navigation bar.

The Business Contact Manager dashboard opens.

2. Click the More tab and chose Business Documents.

The Documents list opens. You might want to dive right in and start adding documents, but you should first give some thought to which folders you want to create.

After you add a document to the Documents list, you can’t move it to another folder. If you anticipate having a lot of documents in the Documents list, create folders before you upload documents.

3. Choose New –> New Folder.

You’ll have a choice of New Folder or, well, New Folder. Pick the New Folder option — especially considering that it’s your only option!

The New Folder: Business Documents page opens.

4. Fill in the Folder name and click OK to save your changes and return to the Documents list.

Your new folder is now proudly displayed on the Documents list. To open the folder, all you have to do is click it.

5. Click the Upload button and choose the documents you want to upload.

You have two options, depending on how many documents you want to upload:

Upload Document: This option allows you to browse to one file on your computer, select it, and click OK to add it to the current folder or Document list.

Upload Multiple Documents: The Upload Document page opens. Click the plus sign next to the folder that contains your documents from the left pane, place a check mark next to the documents you want to upload in the right pane, and then click OK.

Your documents now appear either in the current folder or directly on the Business Documents list.