Word 2016 Text Entry and Formatting Shortcuts

By Faithe Wempen

Part of Office 2016 At Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

By touching a couple of keys in combination, you can save time with simple tasks in Word 2016, such as copying text from one place and pasting it somewhere else in your document. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up text editing and formatting in Word 2016.

To do this With the keyboard
Start a new line in the same paragraph Shift+Enter
Insert a page break Ctrl+Enter
Insert a column break Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Clear formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Make text subscript Ctrl+=
Make text superscript Ctrl+Shift++
Delete one character to the left Backspace
Delete one word to the left Ctrl+Backspace
Delete one character to the right Delete
Delete one word to the right Ctrl+Delete