How to Format a Page Number in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

In Word 2007, you can format your document to begin numbering your pages at whatever page you choose. To format your page numbering, use the Page Number Format dialog box.

The Insert tab on Word's Ribbon.

1Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

The Insert tab is the second tab from the left and is located between the Home and Page Layout tabs.

Drop-down menu that appears when you click the Page Number button in Word's Insert tab.

2In the Header & Footer area, choose Page Number→Format Page Numbers.

The Format Page Numbers option is the second option from the bottom in the drop-down list.

The Page Number Format dialog box in Word.

3Click the Start At radio button and type the beginning page number in the box.

This is based on your personal preference. Type where you want the page numbers to begin.

OK button in Word's Page Number Format dialog box.

4Click OK to close the Page Number Format dialog box.

Word starts numbering your document at the specified page number.