How to Post to a Blog in SharePoint - dummies

How to Post to a Blog in SharePoint

By Ken Withee

Creating a blog post, commenting on a post, and liking a post are pretty straightforward. A SharePoint user with permissions to post can click the Create a Post link under Blog Tools and type his post (or copy and paste text from a text editor or Word). The dialog box where the post is typed also allows for adding one or more category labels to the posts.

Comments and likes (if any) are displayed below the blog post to which they apply. The Comments link and the Add Comment field allow SharePoint users to comment on a post by titling their comment (optional) and adding body text.

The Comments link in SharePoint also shows the current number of comments. The Like button creates a smiley face and shows the number of likes, along with an Unlike button if you change your mind. You can also click the E-mail a Link to send a link to the post, or you can click the ellipsis to edit the post (assuming you’re the author).

Other features of the SharePoint Blog Site template are predefined links on the Quick Launch menu for post categories and archives, making it easy to see a filtered list of posts in one category or review older archived posts.