How to Post and Reply to a Subject in a SharePoint Discussion Board - dummies

How to Post and Reply to a Subject in a SharePoint Discussion Board

By Ken Withee

The Discussion Board app in SharePoint shows a number of different views into the discussions: Recent, Unanswered Questions, Answered Questions, and Featured. You can create a new subject or reply to other discussions on the board.

To create a new subject in a discussion board, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to your discussion board.

  2. Click the New Discussion button.

    The New Discussion dialog box appears.

  3. Type a subject for the new discussion in the Subject text box.

    This needs to be a short phrase that teammates can relate to as a topic.

  4. Type the detail of your post in the Body text area.

    You have all the editing options of Rich HTML in this area. Use the Editing tools to format your text with the toolbar and styles, as well as insert tables, images, and links. You can upload files using the Insert tab.

    You also have spell checker in this dialog box!

  5. Select the Question check box if you’re asking a question.

  6. When you’re finished with your post, click the Save button.

    Your new post appears and shows the subject title, who created it, the amount of replies, and when it was updated last.

To reply to a subject or another reply, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Subject Title link for the discussion.

    The subject appears in Flat view with a Reply button. If you’re the owner of the discussion posting, you also see an Edit button. You can also click the ellipsis to be alerted to additional replies, mark the discussion as Featured, or delete the discussion.

  2. Click the Reply button or click in the Add a Reply text box.

    The Reply dialog box activates, and you can type your reply. By default, the Reply dialog box shows only a Body field.

  3. Type your reply; if desired, use the Rich HTML features.

    Remember that you can attach files, upload files, and add all sorts of text formatting.

  4. When you’re finished with your reply, click the Reply button.