Edit a Document's Properties in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Edit a Document’s Properties in SharePoint 2010

Within SharePoint 2010, you can use a document’s Edit menu or the Ribbon to view and edit a document’s properties. By default, SharePoint 2010 asks only for these three properties:

  • Name: The filename. For example, if you upload a myspreadsheet.xlsx file, that’s the value you see in the filename.

  • Title: A caption that describes the document. If a title exists already in the document, SharePoint uses that. Otherwise, you can enter your own descriptive title.

  • Managed Keywords: Terms you use to tag documents and are then added (automatically by SharePoint) to a separate keyword set dubbed the Managed Term Store. The Managed Term Store (it’s actually a database) can be used to enable some groovy functions like tag clouds.

Your site owner can add more properties to describe the document. For example, the owner might add a Category property that allows you to apply a category to the document. Properties are actually just new columns that you add to your document library.

The easiest way to view a document’s properties is to use the Ribbon:

  1. Click the document in the document library so it’s highlighted.

  2. Click the View Properties button on the Documents tab of the Ribbon.

    The Display Form window appears.


This window includes its own version of the Ribbon that provides commands for editing the document’s properties or deleting the document. Simply click the Edit Item button on the Ribbon to edit the form fields.

You can customize the appearance of the display form, and its cousin, the edit form. Each list and library has its own set of these forms (lists also have a new form) you can customize to suit your requirements for displaying and editing a document’s properties using SharePoint Designer 2010.