Microsoft Office 365 Backstage View - dummies

Microsoft Office 365 Backstage View

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

The Microsoft Office 365 Backstage view is your one-stop-shop feature to see all the things you can do to any document you create. You access the Backstage view from the File menu. From there, various commands give you one-click access to more information about your document.

You can see your document’s properties with Info, view the most recent documents you worked on with Recent, create a new document from scratch or from a template in New, preview your document with Print, access a whole new world of options for saving and sending your document with Save & Send, and much more!


If you are editing a document from a SharePoint document library with versioning settings enabled, you can check the document back in to SharePoint or discard your checkout right from the application in the Info section of the view.

It’s also easy to find the exact location of your document from the same section and quickly know whether it came from a SharePoint site or a website, your hard drive, or from an e-mail attachment.


If you’ve ever been distraught from not being able to find a file you were just working on, try going to the Backstage view. Check the list of recent documents under Recent and take note of the path right below the filename.