Microsoft Outlook's Tell Me Feature - dummies

Microsoft Outlook’s Tell Me Feature

By Rosemarie Withee, Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

There are three ways to find help in Outlook or any of the Office 365 applications. The easiest way is to use the Tell Me feature, which sits at the top of the Ribbon (as shown).

To use Tell Me, simply type keywords to find specific functions on the Ribbon. The first time you click on the Tell Me what you want to do box, you see a list of commonly used search functions. After using the feature, the list will show the last five commands you ran.

Tell Me feature.

The other two ways to find help in Outlook are

  • Click the File menu, then click the ? (question mark) icon on the top right corner to launch the Help Viewer.
  • Use the F1 function key on your keyboard to open the Help Viewer.