How to Present Excel 2013 Worksheets Online - dummies

How to Present Excel 2013 Worksheets Online

By Greg Harvey

If the device running Excel 2013 also has Microsoft’s Lync 2013 online communication software installed, you can present your worksheets to the other attendees as part of any online meeting that you organize.

To do this, first open the workbook you want to present at the online meeting in Excel 2013 before you select the Present Online option in the program’s Share screen in the Backstage view (Alt+FHP). Click the Share button under the Present Online heading that appears on the right side of the Share screen.

If no meeting in Lync is currently running on your computer, a Share Workbook Window dialog box appears where you can launch one by simply clicking OK. Your name then appears in a floating Lync Conversation window.

To present your worksheet, highlight the Manage Presentable Content button (the fourth circle from the left on the bottom with the desktop monitor icon) and then click the name of your workbook file that appears in the Presentable Content section near the bottom of its pop-up palette.

When you select the workbook file on this palette, the Conversation window closes and the active worksheet of the Excel workbook you’re presenting appears in a presentation window with a golden outline around it. At the top of the window containing your worksheet, you see a Currently Presenting mini-menu at the very top.

When you first present a worksheet, you have control over it. While you’re in control, any menu selections or edits you make to its sheet are visible to all the other attendees of the online Lync meeting. If you wish to give editing control to another attendee, simply select his or her name from the Give Control drop-down menu.

You can then take back control of the worksheet by selecting Take Back Control option at the very top of the Give Control drop-down menu. When you’re finished presenting the worksheet and no longer want it to be visible to the other attendees, click the Stop Presenting button on the right side of the mini-menu at the top of the presentation window.

The Conversation window with your name in it then reappears and you can exit the meeting by clicking its Close button. You then return to the open workbook in Excel 2013 where you can save or abandon any editing changes made by you or by any other attendees to whom you ceded control during the time the worksheet was being presented.