For Seniors: How to Save and Open a PowerPoint Presentation

By Faithe Wempen

Microsoft PowerPoint is best known for creating business presentations — slide shows, if you will. When you start PowerPoint, it automatically starts a new blank presentation for you, with a single slide in it. You can work with this PowerPoint presentation and then save it in any of these ways (the same as in Word and Excel):

  • Choose File→Save.

  • Press Ctrl+S.

  • Click the Save icon on the Quick Access toolbar.

Or, if you prefer, you can open an existing presentation file, just like in other Office applications:

  • Choose File→Open.

  • Press Ctrl+O.

  • Choose File→Recent and then choose one of the recently opened files on the right side of the File menu.


You can also start PowerPoint and open an existing file at the same time by double-clicking the filename from any file management window (such as Computer or Documents) in Windows.