How to Format Text in NaturallySpeaking - dummies

By Stephanie Diamond

NaturallySpeaking makes formatting text very easy with voice commands. Text that is all the same font, size, and style can be pretty boring. Because of advances in web design, everyone’s expectations for design are higher. Formatting puts some zing into your content and makes it exciting.

Your favorite applications are all loaded with formatting buttons and icons. You can, of course, continue to use them. But NaturallySpeaking lets you produce many of the same results with voice commands.

NaturallySpeaking provides several different commands for most actions. These commands fall into two basic types. On one hand, you can use short, very specific commands for most actions, such as Underline That for underlining text or Center That for centering a paragraph. This table shows the short formatting commands.

The Short Formatting Commands in NaturallySpeaking
To Do This Example Say This
Make selected text bold Like This “Bold That”
Italicize selected text Like This “Italicize That”
Underline selected text Like This “Underline That”
Make selected text normal Like This “Restore That”
Center current paragraph Like This “Center That”
Right-align current paragraph Like This “Right-Align That”
Left-align current paragraph Like This “Left-Align That”

On the other hand, you can use the slightly longer but more general commands Format and Set to do almost anything if you know the right syntax. For example, Format That Bold and Format That Centered bolds or centers text, respectively, whereas Format That Courier 18 changes the font to 18-point Courier.

Whether you find it easier to remember a lot of short commands or a general family of longer commands that follow predictable patterns is largely a matter of taste.