How to Build Dragon Professional Individual Vocabulary from Sent Emails

By Stephanie Diamond

Analyzing emails is one way for your Dragon Professional Individual assistant to build your vocabulary. This process helps in two ways. It learns from the style of your emails and it can automatically add email addresses you currently use. It works with Microsoft Outlook,, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo!, and Windows Live Mail.

From the Accuracy Center, click Learn from Sent Emails or go to Vocabulary→Learn from Sent Emails from the DragonBar. The Learn from Sent Emails Wizard appears, as shown here.

The Learn from Sent Emails Wizard on NaturallySpeaking.
The Learn from Sent Emails Wizard.

Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Click Next.

    Choose from the options presented by selecting the check boxes.

  2. Click Next again.

    The emails are analyzed.

  3. Click Next one more time.

    Any new words will be displayed for you to train.

  4. Click Finish.