5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity with Dragon Go! - dummies

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity with Dragon Go!

By Stephanie Diamond

Finding ways to save time — ways that don’t take a lot of time to discover — is a lifesaver. Using the free download of the Dragon Go! voice recognition smartphone app, you have an instant answer to many of life’s little questions. No big learning curve or training — just quick and easy. For example, here are five ways to save time at the office with Dragon Go!:

  • Do you need to find information for a new tech report that must be written by tomorrow? Tap the Dragon Go! record button and say, “Tell Me About <virtualization>.” You’re taken to Google, and a list of information on virtualization comes up. Get writing!

  • Are you getting hungry from all that research? Ask Dragon Go!, “Who Delivers <coffee> in the Neighborhood?” Because your smartphone knows your location, up pops a list of places you can call with one tap.

  • What about that date you have tonight. Did you forget to make reservations? Tap the record button and say, “Call <Ginos> for a Dinner Reservation.” Up pops the number, and you can get it done quickly. Better yet, if the restaurant is on Open Table, that app will pop up, and you can set the reservation online.

  • Want to check out what your friends on Twitter think about the Super Bowl fiasco? Go old school. Flick the carousel at the top of the app and go to Twitter search. Tap the record button and ask your question.

  • Finally, before you leave the office, you better check the weather. Tap the record button and say, “What’s the Weather Now?” Up pops AccuWeather with your current forecast.

Wow, you were really productive. All thanks to Dragon Go!.