5 Quick Tips to Improve the Way You Speak to Your Dragon Assistant

By Stephanie Diamond

The Dragon Professional Individual voice recognition software is amazingly accurate, but you can do these following things to improve its accuracy even more:

  • Have a habit of speaking too quickly? Think about slowing down before you speak and don’t keep drinking more cups of coffee throughout the day.

  • Think about your overall speech pattern. If you slur your words or run phrases together, you aren’t giving your assistant a fighting chance.

  • If you tend to sit too long, try standing when you dictate. You may find yourself breathing better and, in turn, speaking better.

  • Notice if you have the dreaded “Ummm” invading your speech. When you hear yourself say it, stop and gather your thoughts; then start again.

  • It can seem like it’s always cold and flu season. If you sound stuffy, do your best to enunciate your words clearly and keep well hydrated with water and soup.