How to Leverage LinkedIn with Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

LinkedIn is a very powerful social media channel for most businesses. If you run marketing for a B2B brand you can utilize marketing automation. For consumer packaged-goods brands and other non-B2B companies, it has little value. If you run marketing for a B2B brand, here are some ways to use LinkedIn and marketing automation together:

  • Posting to groups: This is the most effective way to use LinkedIn and your marketing automation tool. A LinkedIn group is a content channel. It does not create content for you, but helps you distribute it.

    So if you are following the trends in a group, all you need to connect the group with your marketing automation tool is to make sure that you have a way to track the URL posted to LinkedIn. To make this connection, you create a dedicated landing page for the content, using custom redirects, or create special versions of the content only for LinkedIn.

    Regardless of which approach you choose, the goal is to make sure that you know where your leads are coming from and can get this information into your marketing automation tool. The URLs allow you to do this.

  • Posting to a timeline: Timelines in LinkedIn are just like a Facebook feed or a Twitter stream. When you post to LinkedIn, you have the option to post to a group or a timeline. The following is an option that appears from using the social sharing buttons on a blog post.

    Remember to make sure that you are using traceable URLs so that you know where your leads are coming from and so that you can feed the required data into your marketing automation tool and track your leads that are generated from LinkedIn.