How to Identify Important Data Points in Marketing Automation - dummies

How to Identify Important Data Points in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Engaging sales to create common definitions for all aspects of the lead life cycle is key to a successful marketing automation integration. Engaging with sales to have sales staff help create the following definitions will foster buy-in to the concept and help them understand what is being passed to them and why.

  • Lead: Define the information, activity, and score required for a person to become a lead.

  • Contact: Define when a lead is converted to a contact. This includes what processes need to happen and by whom, and whether the lead needs to be tied to an account or an opportunity at this stage.

  • Marketing Qualified Led (MQL): Define when a lead is passed to sales, which includes defining what information is required by marketing to be attached to the record.

  • Sales-Qualified Lead (SQL): Define the process of sales accepting marketing-qualified leads. This is usually called a Service-Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA should define how long sales has to respond to accept a marketing lead and the process for accepting and declining a lead. When the MQL lead is accepted, it becomes an SQL.

  • Opportunity: Define when a lead or account is created into an opportunity. This should be qualified by a buying timeline and marked on the record.