Use the Patch Tool in Photoshop CS5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Grouped together in the Tools panel of Photoshop Creative Suite 5 are the tools used for painting and retouching images. Hidden behind the Healing Brush tool in the Tools panel is the Patch tool. Use it to repair larger areas, such as a big scratch or a large area of skin, by following these steps:

  1. Click and hold the Healing Brush tool to select the Patch tool; on the Options bar, select the Destination radio button.

    You can patch either the source area or the destination — it’s up to you. We recommend dragging a good source over the area that needs repaired.

  2. With the Patch tool still selected, drag to create a marquee around the source you want to use as the patch.

    The source is an unscratched or wrinkle-free area.

  3. After you create the marquee, drag the selected source area to the destination to be repaired.

    The Patch tool clones the selected source area while you drag it to the destination (the scratched area); when you release the mouse button, the tool blends in the source selection and repairs the scratched area!

Make the patch look better by choosing Edit→Fade Patch Selection immediately after you apply the patch. Adjust the opacity until no telltale signs show that you made a change.