Text Styles in Photoshop CC - dummies

Text Styles in Photoshop CC

By Peter Bauer

The Character Style and Paragraph Style panels in Photoshop CC are shown in this figure. You define a character style based on the character format (font, size, style, and so on), the advanced format (scaling, baseline shift), and OpenType features (when working with an OpenType font, of course). Later, even in another document, you can load and apply the character style and instantly reformat the selected text in the style as defined.

A paragraph style includes all the features found in a character style, plus paragraph-specific options, such as indentation, composition, justification, and hyphenation.


After applying a character style or paragraph style, you can select some or all of the text and make changes to any character or paragraph attribute. Keep in mind this hierarchy: Any attribute you define after assigning a style trumps the attribute as defined in that style.

If both a paragraph style and a character style are applied to the same text, attributes defined in the character style trump those in the paragraph style. Say, for example, that the paragraph style specifies Minion Pro as the font and the character style specifies Myriad Pro; the text will be Myriad Pro.

You can click the New Style button at the bottom of either panel, and then double-click the style to open a panel in which you manually select each style attribute. Alternatively, create some text and with that text selected, click the New Style button. The new style will use the attributes of the selected text.

If you assign a style and then manually make changes to attributes, a small plus sign appears next to the style name in the panel. Later, if desired, click the left button at the bottom of the panel to restore the attributes with which the style was defined. The second button at the bottom of the panels redefines the style, incorporating those attributes you manually changed.

Styles are stored within a document saved in the PSD (Photoshop) format. If you have styles in, for example, Document-1.psd that you’d like to use in, for example, Document-2.psd, here’s what you would do: Open Document-2.psd, open the appropriate styles panel, select the styles panel menu command Load Styles, navigate to and select Document-1.psd, and then click the Open button.

You might never use the Character Styles and Paragraph Styles panels, especially if you already have numerous Type tool presets, but they are a very powerful way to speed formatting of text — and to ensure consistency from word to word, paragraph to paragraph, and project to project.