How to Use Kuler to Find and Share Color Themes in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

The resources available for Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 are extensive. Kuler is an online community that provides color themes for you to browse, download, create, edit, and upload for sharing with others. Use these themes when creating graphic print projects or websites. All you need is an Internet connection and an Adobe ID.

Here are basics of how to use Kuler:

  1. Choose Window→Extensions->Kuler.

  2. Click the Browse button. In the Browse panel, enter your desired tag word in the Search field (magnifying glass icon) and press Enter (Return on the Mac).

    For example, try entering the word organic. All the themes tagged with the word organic then appear in the list of themes.

    You can also search by choose from themes by criteria such as Highest Rated or Most Popular from the display drop-down list. Click the left and right-pointing arrow buttons at the bottom of the panel to view previous and next sets of themes. Click the double curved arrow to refresh the themes from the Kuler community.


  3. Choose a theme from the list, click the right-pointing arrow, and choose one of the following submenu items:

    • Edit the Theme: Choosing this option takes you to the Create panel. In the color wheel, select your desired color by clicking on the color’s associated circle icon. To edit the color, move the circle icon within the wheel or drag your color sliders (or enter a hexadecimal formula) at the bottom of the panel.

    • You also have icons above the color sliders to add your foreground or background color as the base color (the color around which your theme is based) and to add and delete colors from the theme.

    • Finally, to change your base color, select a color in your theme and click the button labeled Affect the Other Colors in the Theme Based on a Harmony. Hover your mouse over the buttons, and a tooltip indicates which button is which.


      You can also click the Color Wheel/Pencil icon at the bottom of the panel to edit the theme.

    • Add to Swatches Panel: This option adds the colors in the theme to your Swatches panel. (Choose Window→Swatches.)

      You can also click the Swatches icon at the bottom of the panel to add to the Swatches panel.

    • View Online in Kuler: Selecting this option launches your browser and opens your theme in the Kuler community website.

      *Report a Concern: This option takes you to a short form where you can report offensive material in the theme’s tag, title, comment or any other concerns.

  4. Click the Save Theme button at the bottom of the panel.

    You can also click the Swatches icon at the bottom of the panel to add the theme to your Swatches panel. Finally, click the up arrow icon in the bottom right of the Create panel to upload the theme to the Kuler community website.

To create a new theme, click the Create panel and basically follow the same steps as editing the theme, described in Step 3.